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PharmaSystAfrica offers an extensive and comprehensive array of services to help developing countries implement best-in-class pharmaceutical supply management systems.

  • System and needs assessments
  • Capacity building, including pre-service and in-service training
  • Curriculum development
  • Procurement, including quantification of needs and resource rationalization
  • Product selection, including formulary and guidelines development
  • Product storage and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical management information systems
  • Rational use of medicines and case management, and enhancing the role of therapeutics committees
  • Drug information, including pharmacovigilance
  • Drug quality assurance and quality control
  • Drug policy, including strengthening regulation systems
  • Enhancing access, including enhancing the role of the private sector
  • Evidence-based practices (adaptation and implementation research)
  • Operations research including data analysis (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Our Team

PharmaSystAfrica is an in-country, team-owned organization. We provide a wide range of skills and expertise in the pharmaceutical supply and management value chain within country contexts. Our staff is composed of experienced health technicians including public health doctors, health economists, hospital managers, pharmacists, social economists and logisticians....more



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